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5 Most common reasons marriages fail

Over the years the “not liking each other” can build up, and if issues aren’t resolved, they can smother the love.

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Desire Discrepancy

Desire Discrepancy results when one person in a couple wants to have sex more often than the other person.

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Relationship & Marriage Counselling

Seeking help for your relationship is no different to seeking help from a doctor when you have flu, or going to the dentist when you have toothache.

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Enhancing Desire in Relationships

Couples who are experiencing issues in their sex life should seek relationship and sex counselling. Because sex is such an intimate part of the relationship, it is one of the first signs that intimacy is decreasing. This indicates a lack of communication and connection between the partners.

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The Role of Sex in Relationships

Remember, in order fully to enjoy the pleasures of sex, couples need to find out what “turns them on” and maximise these things within their relationship.

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6 Step Programme for Couples in Crisis

I have established a six step programme for relationships in crisis which is suitable for couples facing a complete breakdown of intimacy and communication in their relationship as well as sexual dysfunction. The programme helps couples identify the cause of the breakdown and from there, I help them to re-build their relationship, trust, communication and intimacy.

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