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A woman’s real-life struggle with pain during intercourse

This is the story of how one of my clients struggled with vaginismus, how she worked through the pain and reconnected with her husband:

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It hurts when I have sex – Is there something wrong with me?

If you’re a woman who experiences pain during intercourse, and you think there is ‘something wrong with you’, please read on! There is hope, and you are not ‘abnormal’.

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Loss of Sexual Desire

Sex drive or the desire for sex comes from many different places and is affected by many different things. For women, sexual desire is very psychological, and for men, sexual desire is very physical.

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Painful Intercourse

There are two conditions which describe painful intercourse: Vaginismus and Dyspareunia.

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Treatment for Low Libido

There are several causes of low sexual desire. Therefore, there is no simple pill or quick fix that will help to increase sex drive (particularly in women.)

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