Leandie Buys Realtionship Therapist & Clinical Sexologist

How can Married Couples with Young Children Enjoy Sex and Time Alone?

Doctors say that a mother’s body only fully recovers from the birth experience up to six months after giving birth. Sleepless nights, increased responsibilities and the sheer over-whelming task of raising a child will definitely leave you feeling run-down, exhausted and un-sexy.

Sex after the birth of a baby is all about starting slowly. Relaxation is one of the most important activities for increasing libido.

Take advantage of all the babysitting offers from trustworthy grandparents, friends and family for the “just the two of us” evenings. Buy some new lingerie, and pamper yourself before your date. If you’re feeling frumpy, put on some make-up and your sexiest outfit - try and take your mind of the baby and all your responsibilities for the evening.

Remember, relaxation is the key, so order take-aways or go out for dinner so that you don’t have to worry about cooking. Make the whole evening about the two of you. After dinner, take a bubble bath together, or watch a DVD with your favourite junk-food. 

Communicate with each other. Reconnect as lovers rather than as parents. Reminisce about your first date together. Chances are that you find each other as sexy and attractive as you did then.