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Treatment for Low Libido

There are several causes of low sexual desire. Therefore, there is no simple pill or quick fix that will help to increase sex drive (particularly in women.)

Studies have shown that most women benefit from holistic treatments focused on sex education, counseling, lifestyle changes and sometimes even medication.

It is extremely important for couples to seek help in cases of desire discrepancy. Although sex is only one aspect of your relationship, it has a very big impact on the relationship as a whole. Desire discrepancy can cause relationships to break down, and individuals become disillusioned, hurt and confused.

There are a number of medical professionals specifically trained to deal with low libido and desire discrepancy in couples. Visit your GP first for a full medical examination, and he or she will refer you to a counselor, psychologist or sexologist if necessary.

Here are a few suggestions which might help increase your sexual desire:

Lifestyle Changes

Exercise. Regular aerobic exercise has many benefits including increasing your stamina, improving your body image and elevating your mood. You could even make exercise part of a routine that you and your partner do together.
Relax. Investigate coping skills that will help you cope with stress at work, financial stress and daily hassles. All of these things occupy your thoughts and interfere with sexual desire.
Time Management. We all have busy schedules, particularly if kids are involved. That’s why it’s so important for couples to set aside time for each other everyday. It can be early in the morning or later in the evening, but make sure you connect emotionally every day. As a couple, you should also set aside time for intimacy at least once a week. Organize a baby sitter and spend a romantic evening together.

Relationship Changes

Remember, sex for women is very psychological and sex for men is very physical. To increase a woman’s desire, a man needs to ensure the woman is fully satisfied in the other areas of the relationship.
Communication. Ever relationship experiences conflict at some point. It is important for couples to remain open-minded and communicate honestly with each other. Talk about sex with your partner, and discuss your likes and dislikes. Communication increases intimacy and also a woman’s feelings of belonging, happiness and desire.
Spice it up. A long-term relationship often needs a little intimate spicing up. Try different sexual positions and different times of day to ensure your sex life stays exciting and spontaneous.

Medical treatments

Medication for treating low sex drive is still in its infancy. There are no ‘sex drive’ pills. There are a few hormone therapies that have been shown to improve sex drive, but they must be prescribed by a doctor.

  • Underlying causes. Current medication may be a cause of low sex drive. Diabetes, depression medication and obesity are also related to low sex drive. Doctors will investigate whether there are any underlying medical causes of low sex drive before prescribing any hormone treatments.
  • Oestrogen therapy. Hormones affect the brain and mood factors, and therefore affect the sexual response cycle of the brain. Local eastrogen therapy (in the form of vaginal cream) can increase blood flow which enhances desire.
  • Testosterone therapy. Although testosterone is a male hormone, it plays an important role in female sexual functioning. Testosterone therapy is still being investigated as a solution to low libido in women. It has several negative side effects including acne, excess body air and mood changes.