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Low Sexual Desire in Men

In around 15% of couples, the man exhibits a lower level of desire for sex than their partner. When their man has a lower libido, women take it personally; feeling desperate, unsexy, unloved and unwanted, or they suspect an affair. This can be soul destroying for most women.

There can be many reasons that cause a man to experience low desire. Some of these may include a changed perception of his partner following the birth of a child - no longer seeing her as a lover but now as a mother to his children, or he may have difficulty seeing his partner in the same way after witnessing the traumatic delivery of a child. Stress also plays a major role in lack of desire as this depletes testosterone, the male hormone.

Usually when a man's testosterone levels are low, lack of desire and tiredness are the most common symptoms. Others signs include irritability, poor concentration, reduced muscle strength, decreased energy or a loss of body or facial hair. One in 200 men in Australia suffers testosterone deficiency. It can affect men of all ages. The condition may be caused by many things but generally the symptoms result from hypogonadism or the under-secretion of testosterone by the testes.

What to do

The man should visit his GP or consult with an Urologist as a blood test can determine if low testosterone levels and other hormones are affecting his libido.

If the problem has already affected the relationship between the couple, they should visit a sexologist or relationship counselor to help them get their relationship and intimacy back on track